Smile Warranty

Converted previous backend warranty system to newer technologies and added new features resulting in ongoing cost savings and increased performance.

The Problem

When Smile Warranty came to us, they needed updates to their existing two sites: a public marketing site and their backend dental warranty management site. Primarily, they needed functionality upgrades to the backend site but were also looking for development partners that they could rely on and collaborate with for years to come.

Marketing Website

Updated Platforms For Improved Performance

Smile Warranty’s existing websites were both hosted on Azure and built on the .NET platform. After rebuilding their frontend website in WordPress, the website now loads faster, has better search engine visibility and is now on a platform with more flexibility and ability to grow, both for ongoing features but also traffic.

Similarly, by programming the new backend website using the PHP framework Laravel, that allowed us to build a more robust and responsive website with better performance and lower maintenance and development costs going forward. Through our refined development process, the site is now better structured and more flexible for future enhancements.

Also by moving them to our managed hosting, we are able to provide the same level of security, more responsive support but improved performance at roughly an eighth of the cost.

"I just wish I met them years earlier..."

Aaron Day and all the team members have been amazing to work with! I just wish I met them years earlier….they would have saved me the headache and money that I wasted by choosing a software developer that was dishonest and outsourced every step of the way.

Advanced Warranty And Claim Management System

The backend website is where all the magic happens, both for dentists and for administrators.

Each dental practice gets their own dashboard where they can see important metrics to show them their covered procedures, patients and earnings at a glance. They can easily add patients, add warranties for dental procedures, and submit claims for any warranties that need to be covered, all through intuitive screens that walk you through the process. Reports are automatically generated and available for viewing online or download.

Administrators get a top-level view of all practices, patients, and claims and can easily log into any dental practice account for customer support. They can manage dental practices, dentists, and procedures. An advanced dashboard and reports are available to quickly keep tabs on the organization.

About Smile Warranty

Dental procedures are expensive and sometimes dental work fails, resulting in an unhappy and often toothless patient and that dental work needing to be fixed or redone. Smile Warranty removes at least the financial pain of dental reworks by providing a warranty for dental treatments and procedures.

Dentists can now provide warranties to their patients at a small cost, giving them and dentists the peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, that dental work can be fixed or replaced without any additional out of pocket costs. Smile Warranty is a unique dental protection plan that covers all permanent, restorative, cosmetic, and removable dentistry under a simple plan - guaranteed for years to come. They guarantee smiles for all the “what ifs” in life.