Our Services

White Whale Web is a full-service web design and development agency. We focus on innovative custom web solutions with engaging designs and optimized for SEO and accessibility.


Any successful solution starts with solid design principles that make it easy to use and understand. A successful design will also help direct the eye to the next important step or action to perform. At White Whale, we provide the following design services:

  • Graphic Design including logo design, banner design, business cards, brochures and flyers, PowerPoint slides and newsletter campaigns


  • Web Design focusing on getting results, optimized for responsiveness so that designs look great on mobile, tablet and desktop screens

  • Interface Design for front-end and back-end interfaces that people will interact with

Web Development

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to building websites. Each website should be a masterpiece that is custom for that organization, tailoring your solution for the best possible results. This could be telling your unique story in a specific way, providing complex eCommerce functionality, or other custom web development solutions to fit your business logic.


  • Custom Websites
  • eCommerce
  • Intranets
  • Memberships
  • Online Databases
  • API Integration
  • Complex Forms
  • Calculators

Technology Stack

  • WordPress including custom theme and plugin development
  • WooCommerce including subscriptions
  • Laravel and custom PHP
  • JavaScript including Vue, jQuery, and vanilla
  • MySQL/Maria DB
  • CI/CD
  • Git (BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab)


We provide managed hosting through Cloudways, allowing us to offer premium hosting capabilities at a reasonable cost so you can rest assured that your website has the resources and power needed. Since we manage the hosting, we’ll take care of the security and details for you so you won’t have to sweat it.


We take care of the SEO basics including optimizing the site and content for organic search results and being found on local search. We will set up your Google Analytics so you can track your site metrics and can help you with ongoing content marketing and paid search campaigns.

As you grow and need additional digital marketing, we will pull in our marketing partner whom we’ve been working with for over 5 years.


With all projects we recommend web accessibility, an approach that includes all users, and we bake in a lot of accessibility best practices into everything we do. We can build solutions that meet ADA and 508 compliance, strictly following WCAG 2.1 AA with a stronger emphasis on usability for those with limitations.

We also offer the cheaper overlay option through AccessiBe, which is easy to install and will make your site ADA compliant. To sweeten the deal, we have a partnership with AccessiBe so we can get you 10% off the subscription.

Learn more about ADA compliance and website accessibility


Websites start at $4000 but we’ll give you a free consultation and proposal for your project. Our hourly rate is $125/hour for any design or development. Full website accessibility starts at $2500 and AccessiBe installation is $100.

As an AccessiBe partner, we can give you 10% off the regular price. You can sign up for your own account with this link or we can sign you up under our account, your preference. We charge $100 to install AccessiBe with the optimal settings and to create your Accessibility Statement page.

We’re generally 3 weeks out to get started on new project design or smaller project. Larger projects are typically 2-3 months out.

Yes, we initially built this site in an afternoon just to have a presence while we built our real site. This is a bit of a case of “cobbler’s son has no shoes” but we are very much looking forward to having our new website launch to show off our work, services, and team. Stay tuned!

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