Tucker Legal Directory

Replaced the physically published book and desktop application with an optimized online directory, with new features and user-friendly experience including new logo and design.

Expanding Reach

Tucker Legal Directory, a firm which provides comprehensive legal information specific to the State of Idaho and more, had traditionally published a paid physical copy of their Directory on a yearly basis, along with a Windows-based desktop application. We reimagined the Directory as a web-based application which can be managed and edited in real time, transcending the limitations of the previous two formats. We were also able to add new features, make it available across all platforms especially mobile devices, introduce accessibility, and curate a user-friendly experience for legal professionals across Idaho.

the old physical book of the tucker legal directory and the old desktop application

The old Tucker Legal Directory was a physical book and a desktop widget which you had to install and continually update.

screenshot of selecting an idaho judge to view their information

The new Tucker Legal Directory is all online, unlocked through membership and now available on mobile devices!

Dedicated Search Functionality

Conceived with ease of use in mind, the new user interface features a dedicated search function, enabling users to quickly find and locate information about attorneys, judges, courts, physicians, federal and county court details, legal and business fees, and more.
What's more, the "easy copy" function allows subscribers to quickly copy partial or full contact information effortlessly from whatever device they're using, without having to manage a bulky book or a clunky desktop computer widget.

Stunning New Logo and Website

tucker legal directory logo

The new site also included a visual transformation as well, with a freshly designed logo and website that is appealing and approachable, but that also reflects their reputation in Idaho's legal community. The legal directory is no longer relegated to a page on the Tucker & Associates website but instead has its own address on the World Wide Web, dedicated to just the legal directory with an optimized user experience that walks customers through the features and why they should subscribe to this useful service.

Flexible Subscription Option

We built in flexible subscription options for convenient payment and account creation, including support for subaccounts, if a subscription is being bought on behalf of a firm rather than an individual. With secure credit card processing, ability to create and manage coupons and discounts, or change the price of a subscription according to the payment plan (whether it's yearly or monthly), managing their client base is now seamless and easy for Tucker Legal Directory.

We also created content gateways for visitors to the site by offering enough information to interest potential clients, but hiding the full information behind a membership paywall. This approach offers limited access in a way that was not possible in a printed version, generating organic interest in the legal directory by providing a way for the information to show up in search engines.

Screenshot showing idaho supreme justices on the Tucker Legal Directory website
screenshot of an attorney search on the Tucker Legal Directory website

We have been so happy with them and our website is amazing.

1 year ago we chose to meet with the team of White Whale Web to embark on a huge project. The website would contain important information for the legal profession. It was important to us to have a very professional look and that the use of our website would be seamless. The White Whale team has every resource to make the entire process effortless. We have had such a good time with the entire team. I can feel that they are as invested as we are. We have been so happy with them and our website is amazing. They were upfront with costs and time estimates. I also appreciate that they are very responsive to my emails and questions. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a first class website.

Full Backend Management Portal

By providing a full backend management portal for all aspects of the Directory, we were able to empower admins to take control of their product, updating information efficiently while preserving relationships, and even accepting and processing real-time feedback from clients.

Because the information is now updated in real-time, clients no longer have to wait for their yearly copy of their Directory, or update their Windows desktop widget, to view new or edited information.

Directory Enhancements

The old Tucker Legal Directory was a physical book while the Tucker Element was desktop application that could only be installed on a Windows PC and had to be continually updated. We were able to lift the restrictions and limitations of both of these mediums by transitioning into a single web application. This enabled us to provide product enhancements such as:

  • Branding updates, including a new logo and web design
  • Simplified update process for seamless maintenance
  • Mobile experience
  • User-friendly interface for intuitive navigation and search
  • Addressing accessibility limitations
  • Continuous improvement via automatic updates and additional features

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