Digital Marketing

As a web development agency that’s well-versed in SEO principles and techniques, we offer several services to optimize your website for the search engines to boost traffic to your website.

Full disclaimer up front: we’re not a digital marketing company - we can provide some marketing services but not all. If you do need full digital marketing though, we’ve been working with SEO Idaho for years and would love to give you a personal introduction with them.

Local Search

We can set up and optimize your Google My Business page so that you can be found in your local market. We can also set up other local search and review profiles for you, and help you get positive reviews. We would also optimize your website for local searches.

Website Optimization

For each website we build, we automatically bake in a lot of search engine optimization through our design and coding techniques. However, there are additional techniques that we can employ to further promote better search engine (SEO) results. We also use tools to identify any search engine issues and correct them.

Content Writing

One of the best ways to get organic search results is through targeted content writing related to your business, through value-packed pages and blog posts that delve into different topics. This strategy tells Google and other search engines that you’re an industry expert, resulting in more clicks to these pages but also to your website overall. Visitors will be more likely to return as they find the answers they’re looking for and get to know you.

Before we write, we’ll work with you to identify topic areas and then research the best opportunities, often pulling in your expertise. Then for each page or blog post, we’ll research that specific topic before writing - typically writing 1000-3000 words depending on the topic and opportunity.

Paid Search Campaigns

Growing organic search results takes time. To boost traffic to your site overnight, paid search ads through Google and Bing allows you to simply pay to show up in the search results for selected keywords. We can set up and manage your PPC campaigns for you, optimizing for your budget so you don’t waste your monthly budget without getting results. Please note: for larger campaigns, I’d recommend working with SEO Idaho and they can also run social media paid search campaigns too.

Boosting Conversions

We all know it’s not just about getting people to your website, it’s also about getting them to convert, whether it’s buying your product, contacting you about your services, donating to your cause, or whatever other action that is critical to your organization. We’ll work with you to identify your conversion goals, create funnels that drive traffic to those goals on your website, and set up conversion tracking.

Tracking Results

Beyond just setting up Google Analytics, we can set up events to monitor specific actions that you’d like to measure on your website. We can also set up additional tools and integrations to better track the activities of your site visitors, including creating an easy to use dashboard to monitor your traffic and conversions at a glance. The first step in improving your visitors’ experience is to measure it.

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Let’s Get You More Traffic

Each website is different and the goals of each organization are different. We’ll work with you to identify your goals, opportunities, and best strategies to reach those goals. Contact us today!