The Risks If Your Website Is Not ADA Compliant

December 6, 2022 by Aaron Day in Website Accessibility

In Order To Prevent Legal Pitfalls, Preserve A Good Reputation, And Guarantee That All Users Can Access And Utilize Your Site, It Is Crucial To Make Sure That It Is ADA Compliant.

If your website is not ADA-compliant, you could face legal action. There have been a number of legal challenges regarding websites and ADA compliance in recent years. Typically, these claims include individuals with disabilities who were unable to use or access a company’s website due to its inaccessibility. Frequently, these legal efforts have resulted in requests that firms pay the plaintiff damages and subsequently make their websites ADA-compliant. Typically, these actions result in substantial settlements.

Occasionally, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed lawsuits against businesses for failing to comply with the ADA. The Department of Justice is empowered to initiate lawsuits against firms that violate the Americans with Disabilities Act and may petition the court to issue an injunction (i.e., an order requiring the company to comply) and additional monetary damages.

Other important reasons to having a website that is ADA compliant:

  • A website that complies with the ADA can improve the user experience for those who have disabilities, which can boost consumer happiness and loyalty.
  • Expanded clientele: By making your website more inclusive to those with disabilities, you may see a growth in the number of clients you serve.
  • A good reputation: Having an ADA-compliant website might help your company gain a better reputation as a welcoming and socially conscious company.
  • Better search engine ranking: Many of the practices to make your website more accessible will also help with search engine visibility. Search engines may also punish non-compliant websites.

It is absolutely essential to make sure your website complies with ADA standards so that you can steer clear of any potential legal entanglements, maintain a positive reputation, and ensure that all users can both access and use your website.